Wednesday, January 27, 2010

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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Some of my artwork

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The best of friends

So cute..


"Guys And Dolls" a play from high school days (time flies)

A day of snow in NC

My lovely sister smiling as specks of snow begin to fall

She would absolutely kill me for this one..

Singing in the snow..

Sisters =]

Oh please let class be canceled..
Being goofy.. My sister took this shot and I edited fun fun..

Covered in snow..

Neighbor's tree

The road.. yes we hungry.. A girl's "gotta" eat

Snow plow

A parade in Beatrice, NE

This definitely shows my sense of humor..

The lovely view in front of us. Lovely, aye?

What is a parade w/o planes?

And the army..

Also motorcycles..

Everyday people..

Beware you might end up soaked by the spraying fire truck..


Strike up the Band..

Everyone's favorite: Koolaid!

Neon green pick up truck

John Deere trackers.. Brings back memories doesn't it? Well.. not really.

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